A Romantic Getaway…

Amidst the ‘Fast Paced’ Mumbai city, we found this cool secluded place “CAFE BY THE BEACH”.


You can call this a perfect date place, wherein you can prepay thousand bucks which includes a boat ride ( Highly recommended during sunset ), food & beverages worth the same. They have a tie up with H2O sports for water sports.

The ambience over here is more than perfect.The waves breaking in, sparkling silver of the sea, and thee, to take a evening stroll by the beach,shades and hues.

They have limited options for appetizers but the quality of what they serve is pretty good. You have to try their freshly brewed coffees!! Amazing.

Overall it was refreshing for my feet to feel sand albeit concrete floors and steady lapping of the waves, sound of the sea nothing else calm and welcoming. Preferably visit just

before sunset! Bliss! 

He : “Whale you be my valentine?” She: Dolphinitely.

Located at Girgaon Chowpatty. One of the hidden gems of Mumbai.

PS – Closed during monsoons.

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