Coldplay In India|Global Citizen Festival|They Are Sensational|

COLDPLAY is a British rock band,they started out in 1996 with the lead singer, pianist Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland. Later on Guy Berryman joined the group, Will Champion joined as drummer and backing vocalist, completing the performing line-up. 

The members of Coldplay met and became friends while living in the same dormitory at University College London. They formed a band, originally naming themselves ‘Starfish’. When friends of theirs who were playing in a band called Coldplay no longer wanted to use the name, Starfish officially became “Coldplay”. The name was taken from a book of poetry called Child’s Reflections, Coldplay. Chris had wanted to be a musician since the age of eleven. He did his majors in ancient history, but he was more inclined towards Music. Clearly! 

So if Coldplay didn’t exist he would have become an ancient history teacher.

Their soulful, intelligent songs have set them apart from pop stars and aggressive rap artists, metal bands. The band rather chooses to promote causes that address world poverty or environmental issues.

Life is beautiful in all it’s colours, even the darker ones, they’re here for a reason – Chris Martin

Guess what he’s singing?!
Call it magic? 🙂

The band’s first ever show was a joyous performance at the Global Citizen Festival in India. Musical Extravaganza. At around 80,000 people showed up including competition winners,guests,celebrities, certain eminent personalities also marked their presence. It was as star-studded as it could get. 

The stellar line up of opening performances included Jay Z and A R. Rahman, Farhan Akhtar with his Rock on (made everyone sing aloud)

Demetria Devonne ‘Demi’ Lovato was dressed in a metallic gold outfit with thigh high boots, took the stage by storm as she performed on her hit numbers, The Vamps’ a british boyband lead singer Bradley Simpson took the whole camera in his hands, live on stage and it was amazing! They sure got the audience groovy! Oh Cecelia!!

I had only dreamt of going to a Coldplay concert but this was a total bolt from the blue! It was surreal! ‘November the 19th’. I managed to get my tickets to the festival a day before, Global Citizen India had a contest in which people had to tweet,share,pledge for various ‘Actions’ and earn points. The winners were picked on a random basis. No luck there! Neither book my show no!

Coldplay came in at around 8:45 pm and continued until late 10:30pm. An endless stretch of people waited for him to start. Chris martin also seemed overwhelmed to start off, but gave Mumbai all he could.He started off with his most famous-crowd-pleasing ‘Yellow’ followed by ‘Para..para..paradise’, then comes ‘Magic’. Absolute Bliss!! These are some of their evergreens. Extending his thanks to everyone for the love and support. There came ‘Hymn For The Weekend’, it was shot in India, Chris indeed loves india. Then came‘Fix You‘,’The Scientist’, ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’, After a 5min break Chris introduces the whole band which was quite quirky playing ‘In My Place’, High on music. 

He then invited A R. Rahman on stage. They sang ‘Vande Maataram’ together, it was wonderful to hear that! A proud moment. And to add to the night, Chris Martin enthralls all with his own version of bollywood hit ‘Chanaa Mereya’ followed by a starry Sky Full Of Stars. DREAMY RIGHT?

A R. RAHMAN & CHRIS MARTIN. #Duet #Groundbreaking

Although we were in the last zone it was worth the wait and the pocket money spent! I know you all agree with me. Concert shoulder ride anyone? 

You don’t know how lovely you are! 😉

Also this surely wasn’t any ordinary charity gig, they gave water for free in such scorching heat. Did a good cause distributing free water. Apart from that the food was little expensive it being a 10 hour long event we had to buy food! Some glitches here and there were expected, but handling 80k people was not a easy job. All hail Mumbai police.

We hope to see coldplay again in india! #OhChris

Now i can say that lifes worth it!! 😉

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I was a part of this 🙂 

When in Kasol,The Himalayan Village |Machan|

Nestled in the rustic hills is the charming village of Kasol in Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. It is situated in Parvati valley, comes on the way between Bhuntar to Manikaran. Kasol can be a weekend getaway for people staying in Punjab and Delhi. 

Manikaran Sahib is just 6 kms from ‘The Himalayan Village’. It is a huge Gurudwara well known for its hot water springs located within the premises. The devout take a dip in the hot water springs, it is believed to have healing properties. Also the ‘Langar’ (Free Communal Food) is delicious and wholesome. 

So we happened to find this beauty “The Himalayan Village” alongside on our way back to Manali from Manikaran. Managed to stop over for brunch. I was quite stunned looking at the architecture of this place , fairy-tale like. 

The resort has been built in the ancient Kathkunia style, dry stacking stones and wood which adds to the charm. It is eco-friendly and gives you an insight of local customs and traditions. In late evenings the Pahadi people come together and play their traditional folk music, which is quite soothing to hear, it calms you down. Its a good vibe. Himalayan village has its own deity with a temple dedicated to lord shiva.

Bonfires and barbeques go well together! 

What stood out the most was the Machan! Named ‘Lahaul’ & ‘Kullu’ 

Machan in all its glory 🙂

Machans are tree houses which can be of 50-60 feet with exquisite views. It is built around the different cultures of Himachal Pradesh. Machan style cottages are the USP of the resort. To be booked well in advance. Machans were originally used for hunting large animals and now for watching animals in wildlife reserves. 

One thing i liked the most was that the resort was pet-friendly. Almost no resorts allow pets. In the backyard they had some dogs lined up. German shepherds and a labrador!

#GermanShepherds #Labrador #DogEnthusiast


The Himalayan Village is a work of art in itself! Truly! 

Entry to the Resort.
B and W! #Mandate
Indian Restaurant.

Kasol offers multiple exploring options. You can always ask locals for guidance.

Treks and treads around Kasol include Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass and Kheerganga and its a base camp. You might need to travel short distances in a jeep or cab to reach the starting point. Otherwise if treks are not your thing then you can have a walk to Chalal, which is just 30 minutes away from Kasol. A casual walk along the village. 

A Mini Israel in Himachal Pradesh, visitors from Israel are common in Kasol and one can see the Hebrew language banners throughout the valley. There are plenty of cafes in Kasol where they serve Israeli food, some savouries and Turkish coffee. Local market here has hints of hippie culture. You will definitely sight hippies lazing around. Kasol has been infamous for its prevalent cannabis culture.

It is ideal for vacation if you want to chill in the lap of nature and just unwind. Just be and let go.

Places To Go In And Around Kasol?

Parvati River: Flowing through the Parvati Valley, River Parvati is one of the major attractions in Kasol. Visit to River Parvati is the most relaxing experience in Kasol.    

Malana Village: Malana is a small village in Himachal that has self-isolated itself from the rest of the world. They believe that they are descendants of Greek soldiers of Alexanders army. Visitors to Malana village are not allowed to touch the walls,houses or people there. Malala is world famous for its Malana cream.

Lahaul-Spiti Valley: Long lost cousins of Leh-Ladakh.

How to reach: Nearest airport is Bhuntar airport, HRTC Buses available from Delhi and Manali (if on a shoe-string budget)

Best time to visit: Remains pleasant throughout the year.

So Wanderlusting are you?! Have you been to Kasol before?

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Could not resist!
Machans and the cottages surrounded by huge deodars!

“The Himalayan Village” is an ideal place to rejuvenate amongst natures and it ways.

Sula: Finest Vineyard & My First Time There!

One day trips! Hard to find? We plan but never go? You know what we should just go! Planned, unplanned..

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things”

So ofcourse by the title you know that Sula happened! 

Sula Vineyards in Nashik is India’s most famous & most accessible winery. It all began in 1997, when a young, energetic Indian entrepreneur (Rajeev Samant) had a crazy idea of setting up a winery in India. 

The winery is open to visitors, who can enjoy a guided tour, tasting sessions & attend Sula Fest which happens in late February. They’ve also done well to break the myth that wine is for the elitist.

We started out from Mumbai early in the morning at around 8 am & reached Nashik after 4 hours being a weekday. It was a long drive despite usual traffic. Greeted by a bright yellow logo of a sun with a twirling moustache at the entrance, we knew we had arrived at our destination.

Quirky Sula Logo!

After reaching the vineyard & clicking pictures we went through the whole property, all excited ready to get ourselves soaked in wine! Not really! We straightaway booked for a guided wine tour + tasting sessions, which took us through the whole process of wine making & the rooms were filled with huge barrels of wine stored in it. (The older the better). They charged 250 bucks for that! Pretty cheap with tasting of six wines. Also we were taught the technique of tasting a wine.

  • Hold the glass by the stem or base of the wine glass.
  • The colour reveals a lot about the age of the wine. 
  • Now swirl it in the glass to let some air mix with it.
  • Smell the wine, take a sip and keep it in your mouth for a while and drink it all!
  • This is how wine enthusiasts have their favourite wine.     

Sula Vineyards has a amphitheatre which is beautifully maintained & this transforms into a lively stage during Sula Fest. The garden area is intricately designed with widespread wooden railings, a lotus pond, bright coloured walls & the natural light does wonders with photos.

For lunch we went to Soma which is a neighbourhood vineyard famous for its Indian Restaurant, it drizzled at that time which made it more pleasant. We tried this drink called ‘The Pink Elephant’ which was amaze. Sitting on the first deck overlooking the vineyards was immersive. Further we went to the backwaters which is along Gangapur dam, few minutes from Soma worth visiting.

For your take home memorabilia, Sula has a souvenir shop. They also have a wine shop where one can purchase Sula wines below MRP.

Unfortunately, there was no grape stomping during our visit. The season for stomping is during March. Stomping is done for fun and the grapes you stomp are table grapes & not wine grapes. February is a good time to visit, since Sula organizes their annual Sula Fest. Grape stomping is one of the many things to do at the fest with art, music, dance, food and more WINE! 

Overall it was a happy day 🙂

Update : Next visit up in February. Here are some pictures we clicked. Have a look.

So have you been to any vineyards in or around nashik? Tell me your experience in the comment section below.

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A Romantic Getaway…

Amidst the ‘Fast Paced’ Mumbai city, we found this cool secluded place “CAFE BY THE BEACH”.


You can call this a perfect date place, wherein you can prepay thousand bucks which includes a boat ride ( Highly recommended during sunset ), food & beverages worth the same. They have a tie up with H2O sports for water sports.

The ambience over here is more than perfect.The waves breaking in, sparkling silver of the sea, and thee, to take a evening stroll by the beach,shades and hues.

They have limited options for appetizers but the quality of what they serve is pretty good. You have to try their freshly brewed coffees!! Amazing.

Overall it was refreshing for my feet to feel sand albeit concrete floors and steady lapping of the waves, sound of the sea nothing else calm and welcoming. Preferably visit just

before sunset! Bliss! 

He : “Whale you be my valentine?” She: Dolphinitely.

Located at Girgaon Chowpatty. One of the hidden gems of Mumbai.

PS – Closed during monsoons.

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Kashmir Rendezvous!

It was an off beat holiday this time of the year, no prior bookings were made, Just the air tickets and here we go! 

What are the most beautiful places in Kashmir? (To sum it up)

  • Pahalgam
  • Gulmarg
  • Srinagar      

Pahalgam tops my list!!

Pahalgam is a quaint town with little villages here and there, it had a rustic charm to it. Pahalgam has two places which are worth visiting, Betaab valley & Chandanwari, the valley got its name from a hit Bollywood film ‘Betaab’. The road to chandanwari is very narrow so a local driver is preferred, you will be passing through hills and lush green forests. Sparkling waterfalls make a great sight. At the end of it there are huge ice glaciers which melt in the summer & eventually makes a great tourist spot.

This is when the sunset happened & the mountains turned blue in colour. Magical evening by the river. #NoFilter

Gulmarg is a traveller’s paradise with starry snow-clad peaks, famous gondola cable car which is one of the highest in the world, historic gulmarg golf club , however the main reason to come to gulmarg is to venture up towards Mt Afarwat. This can be done on foot or with ponies but is easiest using the two stage gondola cable car that takes you to the sky and back! Haha. It’s a winter wonderland yeah. 

View from the hotel room turned out to be just perfect. #SnowCladPeaks #PineTrees.
Clear skies! #Gulmarg

Srinagar being the capital city has a lot going on lately with surgical strikes and shut-downs for a long time now. Although indulgent houseboats, historic gardens, distinctive kashmiri wooden houses, ancient temples make it a great place to visit. The city’s greatest drawcard is mesmerisingly placid Dal lake with a bright array of houseboats which looks picture postcard perfect. Also kashmiris are very warm and welcoming, we visited one of their house which was two-storeyed and they had huge carpets all over with antiques lined up at every nook & corner. They served kashmiri kahwa every now and then, it’s a delicacy! Get a packet home! 

Tulip garden in full bloom. #CarpetOfFlowers
Pretty flowers.
Was trying not to adult. Haha!

So that’s a wrap for my first blog! Thank-you for reading! Suggestions are always welcomed.